A Dying Breed

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Wild Frontier Productions’ first feature. A Dying Breed is a thriller with ‘Lord of the Flies’ undertones. The story concerns the sheltering survivors of a far reaching atmospheric explosion and their life or death struggle to survive both the elements and each other.

Following the catastrophic explosion that rips through their small town, six disparate strangers take refuge from the searing fallout in an old manor house. With time panic subsides, love blossoms, rivalries deepen, leaderships evolve and life within the shambling manor house takes on a strange and stilted comfort and uneasy sense of control.

The unnatural routine continues until Alex, the group’s youngest member, refusing to believe that his suffocating wretched existence is all he will ever know, resolves to take his chances out in whatever remains of the surrounding area. However, the more headstrong among them, sensing Alex’s departure would crumble their miniscule empire, go to some decidedly inhumane lengths to ensure his rebellious young free spirit remains securely and permanently contained.

Executive Producer: Andy Birmingham

Writer/Director: Katharine Collins

A Dying Breed was filmed in Scotland and produced at Pinewood Studios.



Posted: June 5, 2013


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