Age of Descent

Age of Descent is a multi-faceted film project taking an honest, harrowing and moving look at the prevalent issue of knife crime and other problems facing teenagers and young people in the UK today.

The film boasts a cast of well loved actors from stage, film and television in the UK and Ireland and five immeasurably talented up and coming younger actors.

The film is being made in conjunction with a documentary and a charity website and has recently been adapted into a novel which is being represented by the Uli Rushby-Smith Agency for publication.

Age of Descent is a film project initiated in response to the unprecedented number of knife related crimes, street violence, murder and other issues of hostility, discord and psychological abuse which have become so prevalent among youth culture in recent years.

Despite its harrowing subject matter, Age of Descent is also a moving account of the hopes, joy and complexity of being young and a positive affirmation on the power of dreams.



Posted: June 5, 2013


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