Night Bus to Morning Lane

Night Bus to Morning Lane

Even the dead need something to live for

Night Bus to Morning Lane is the story of twenty one year old Tristan Muldoon, a young man who survives a brutal, near fatal attack by a group of disturbed underground enthusiasts – part of a subculture believing themselves to be sanguinarian vampires with an all-consuming need for human blood.  After laying in a coma for nearly a year Tristan becomes a victim for the second time in his life – on this occasion to the parasites of ‘ordinary society’.  Video footage of his attempted murder has found its way onto the internet and the horrifying images of his sad fate are exploited mercilessly.  The footage goes viral and gains national infamy.  Its notoriety compounded by the deluge of reaction videos ‘normal’ people record of themselves watching Tristan’s anguish and assault for the first time then promptly posting their self taped clips of shocked revulsion onto the net to sit alongside it.  Despite the video evidence, no culpritin the crime is ever apprehended and Tristanremains lost in his own dark silent world.  His assault soon comes to mean less and less to the police who have a more pressing need to catch an unseen killer on the rampage, holding the city in a death grip of fear as he carries out a stream of heinousmurders each one more brutal, bloody and perverse than the last.

It is only when Tristan does emerge from his catatonic state that the police, initially unconcerned about the unfortunate boy, now realise he holds the key to the twisted mind of the depraved killer.  For the faces of the killer’s tally of past victims are soon recognised by Tristan as the blood lusting deviants who had attacked him one year pervious.  The killer remains a controlled menace, a skulking animal that clings to the shadows and coils to strike when least expected and the whole city crackles with impending death and the poetry of fear.  As Tristan, suddenly thrust into a life he no longer recognises, grapples with his own identity and the trauma of all his has suffered, he again becomes a lamb to the slaughter, this time for the police who know the killer will seek him out.

However Tristan’s own world and inner mind soon become odder and more schizophrenic and his soul aches with a pain that can only come from having seen and felt far too much.  Teetering on the brink of madness, Tristan’s fragile state is ripped to further shreds by the various potential suspects that linger around him like wolves, picking their way through the bleeding human wreckage of their own soul-sick lives.

Tristan, now bait for a killer who must be caught, is left vulnerable and alone as he desperately tries to put back together the shattered puzzle of his own fractured life.  And yet fate has one last surprise in store for him, sending him on a collision course with the murderous stranger who will be the only person able to give him the final missing piece.



Posted: June 5, 2013


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